Mirko Pastorelli Wheelchair Sommelier


What can I do for you


Mirko will prepare everything you need for your event. Services include choosing the beverages, shopping, storing of the beverages, their explanation to guests and their service during the event.


Mirko produces creative written content for the beverages and tobacco industry.

For more information and to inquire about a collaboration, contact Mirko: m.pastorelli@outlook.com

About Mirko

Mirko Pastorelli is a Italian Wheelchair Sommelier. He currently is traveling the vineyards and working under some of Italy’s best sommeliers. One of his mentors is Giuseppe Vaccarini who was the Best Sommelier in the World and has taken Mirko as his protege. He is member of ASPI (Associazione della Sommellerie Professionale Italiana) and CCA (Cigar Club Association).


Junior Diploma, Habanos Academy, November 2019.

Sommelier Diploma, ASPI (Associazione della Sommellerie Professionale Italiana), March 2019.

The Story

Mirko was born with Spastic Paraplegia which is a hereditary disorder causing progressive weakness and stiffness of the legs causing him to use a wheelchair.

Mirko worked as a Web Developer from 2010 to 2016, but one day he decided to change his life. For Mirko, being in a wheelchair didn’t mean having to do office work for entire life. In 2017 he started becoming passionate about wine and service and decided to start studying to become a Sommelier. After being inspired by Yannick Benjamin, a New York City Sommelier who is also wheelchair bound, Mirko was well on his way to achieving his dream.

The day after the death of his father Giorgio Pastorelli on April 25, 2018, Mirko decided to board a plane and fly to New York City to meet Yannick and attend his 7th annual Wine on Wheels Event. Yannick is co-founder of Wheeling Forward, which is a 501c3 charity providing advocacy and support to the disability community in NYC. Wine on Wheels is their main event which raises $175,000 yearly to support this cause.

Thanks to Yannick’s inspiration and the help of Wheeling Forward, Mirko continues his adventure in the world of wine attending seminars and classes all over Europe and implementing a rigorous self-study program.


How to contact me?

Email: m.pastorelli@outlook.com

Phone: +39 320 2966321

Or if you prefer contact me on social networks, click on the icons below!

Mirko Pastorelli Wheelchair Sommelier